LUXURY OUT of this world

In 2000

at the heart of a remote town Lenzburg in the Swiss canton of Aargau, a high school dropout that goes by a single name of Hirschen started a modest watch repair shop where he meticulously refurbished wristwatches with precious metal, extraordinary elements. His move to embed cremation diamonds into watches has preserve the memories of their loved ones forever, and soon, he started crafting watches from materials from outer space. His craftsmanship and watch would go on to be known as Hirschen Lenzburg, an extraordinary luxury watch company that are powered by elements out of this world.

Hirschen Lenzburg was founded with the goal of perfecting the precision of movement and technique while constantly pushing the boundaries in the materials used in its movement.
Throughout its more than two-decade of history, Hirschen Lenzburg has been a forerunner in the extoic watchmaking industry thanks to its commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and originality, and its limited timepieces. It is the only swiss luxury watch brand founded in 2000; Richard Mille was founded in 2001 at Les Breuleux, while F.P.Journe was founded in the year before, in 1999 at Geneva. Every single series released in the last decade are limited edition timepieces, and it is the only swiss watch maker that harasses the power of elements from outer space in its watch making technology.


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